Craigslist Gigs


Holy Crap, where was I when these things came out?!

Apparently Craigslist now has “Gigs,” which are, I guess, temporary/seasonal types of work where you can do a one off event like help someone move something, staff an event, etc. or more involved work like helping someone edit an online magazine or being a field researcher for some study group.  There are loads of entries for writing and surprisingly some jobs I might be pretty good at, including a community coordinator position for visiting exchange students and a contract field research position.  How exciting!

For someone looking to make some part time cheddar, this is definitely worth a look!

Of course it comes with the usual caveat — job seeker, beware!  There are ads on there for housekeeping that includes things like “must be beautiful..”.  Uh, yeah…because toilet scrubbing is all about the looks.  Hello, scam!  But otherwise, what a great opportunity to pick up some tutoring, part time work or otherwise use these “gigs” to fill in and beef up a resume, an emergency fund, or to save for a big trip!

I’ve applied for two positions already.  It’ll make for a busy fall, especially with this new work from her Deanliness coming up.  But busy people get things done, and hopefully busy means less spending money on sushi and more stashing pennies away for debt reduction and emergency savings!  Whoo hoo!


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