Quest for New Shoes!


Regularly going through the closet and getting rid of things you never wear gives you a much better sense of many things.  For one thing, it tells you what you actually do wear.  I find I’m grabbing the same few outfits all the time, partly because I do not know what is actually available to me and partly just out of comfort and familiarity.  Getting rid of things I hadn’t worn in years or that were ill fitting opened up new ideas that enlivened my wardrobe.  On the other hand, I still held onto 3 – 5 good suits that could mix and match just in case I ever needed a damn suit again.

Decluttering the closet also tells you where your weaknesses are.  My weaknesses are apparently black heels.  I have several versions of said heels.  I can count on no fingers the number of times I’ve worn black heels in the past two months…So note to self, STOP BUYING THEM.  My boots, I note with pride, are being worn into the ground.  I did put two new pairs into the mix, but they were purchased at deep discount.  I also Goodwilled a pair of boots I hadn’t worn in two years.  Too high of a heel, too steep of a campus.  Too 25 -year-old instead of 35-year-old.  Apparently I also have a thing for white shirts like some people have for changing girlfriends.  I have many versions of white shirts.  At least I wear them all.  My heart also pounds for dresses.  Nevermind that it took me over a decade to start wearing them again.  Nevermind that I have two dresses with tags still on them (Note, even if it was $100 and you paid $7 for it, it’s not a bargain until you wear it at least ONCE!).  Granted, I’ve pruned these lovelies down to the few I actually do wear.  But I tend to view dresses as little works of art — true, but not great for the budget.

Ironically, getting rid of clothes and shoes actually tells you what you need to buy.  And apparently, even though I’ve gotten rid of, bagged up and put a moratorium on buying shoes…I need new shoes.  Specifically, I need new flats.  It’s hard to find something work appropriate that doesn’t represent an orthopedic shoe, that doesn’t pinch the toe, create a blister, destroy itself after a few weeks of wearing or otherwise end up being inappropriate.  While I’ve gone to Target or the like for cheap, reasonable footwear, the truth is those shoes are regularly letting me down.  By the time they’re broken in, they’re destroyed.

I need good footwear.  I’m afraid it’s going to cost me.  I’ve reconciled myself to the thought that stuff does eventually collapse and need to be thrown in the trash.  Is it so much to ask that if shoes only last a season they actually feel good during that season?!  I’d like to get a few years out of this next shoe purchase, but based on how often I wear these things, that’s likely not going to happen.  My current go-to footwear is being held together with ShoeGoo and is popping the leather at some other seam as well.  They’re on death’s door.

So, any suggestions?  Do I spring for a pair of Tod’s and pay pretty much a mortgage payment for a pair of shoes?!


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  1. Found your blog through Funny —I have some Tods (from Goodwill–not comfy). Try Born. You can sometimes get through TJMaxx or the like. Also check out Footprints online. They are discount and have a one-year guarantee, even for worn shoes.

  2. frugalscholar also turned me on to Footprints. These are mostly hippy-dippy shoes, but if you like Danskos (and the original, Sanitas), the site is awash in very excellent bargains. Just now they’re having a sale. I intend to buy a new pair of clodhoppers (aka nurse shoes) and a nice pair of sandals there in the next day or two.

  3. Try good shoes, good prices won’t last as long as Born but you can get flats on sale for less than $50 that lasts year and are comfy. Aerosoles is another option.

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