While We Wait for Summer Funding, Our Heroine Makes a Backup Plan..or a Sideways Plan?


Well, I’m waiting with bated breath to find out if the work plan I finally wrangled out of Co-worker is going to be approved by the Dean.  We have a meeting to discuss it, and I’m hopeful.  I drew out the timeline up through registration in the coming fall semester to try to show how the activities were linked and not isolated to a few summer weeks.  Co-worker struggled hard with this work plan for a couple of reasons.  One is he won’t do anything outside of his recently declared work stoppage status, so he’s somewhat out of the loop.  I do my due diligence to report the findings of whatever meetings are happening (partly to document that I was there and he was not), but nothing beats hearing it first hand.  Second, I think he’s just monumentally confused.  He has difficulty with both deadlines and planning, so a “time….line….” was just mind blowing, given it asks you to conflate the two things.

Even though I gave him explicit instructions (based on my explicit instructions from our Chair) to create a summary narrative of two categories I handed him and then put those associated tasks on a timeline, he showed up with a bullet pointed list, no time line, and three sentences of summary.  Sigh.  When we “peer reviewed” each other’s summaries and timeline, I noted a few things, offered some wording, etc.  He put parentheses around a few of my topics.  Parentheses.  Honestly.  But whatever, it’s done, and now it’s up to her to decide if I’ve adequately proportioned out the work.

I am assured of *some* summer funding.  There is no doubt it’ll take some work this summer in order to get this off the ground.  The question is how much Her Deanliness will part with.  I think I made a great case for all summer long, but logic doesn’t always stand up in the face of administrative budgets.  We shall see.  My back up plan is to pick up a bit of part time work proofing the paper for the local Demented Post.  God knows it could use the help.  They always advertise for proofreaders throughout the year.  It’s thankless work, but I’ve seen enough crappy student essays to pick up on most of the things the DP would want to see changed.  I plan on waiting just a few more weeks to see how the work plan pans out before I offer my proofing slavery…er, services.

Even if I have a paycheck all summer long from the university, I’ll still likely take a part time proofing job.  I want to try to make this summer an opportunity to not dip into saved money, to live off of wages earned and to maybe even put money back.  I think I can manage to do this if I’m careful, and if I can manage to do this for a few years in a row, I’ll not only have my little emergency savings, but I’ll have a big wad of money to put on the next big debt requirement as well.  Foresight is forearmed, or something like that?


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