More Small Victories…and Griping


Well, in a flurry of paying for taxes, buying the boy new track shoes (a bargain, but still!!), getting the car re-inspected and roadworthy after discovering the sticker was three months expired (!!), making an installment payment on the boy’s trip to the hospital back in August when he face-planted on the basement floor, etc….. I’m very thankful for my new little deep freezer!!  Because I set aside money to purchase it and then rode in like a general on the Shop and Slave, I stocked my little freezer to the point where I don’t have to worry too desperately about groceries for the coming week.

Which is good, because there isn’t that much damn money to go around this pay period.  When budgets are low, what gets cut first?  In my case and for many others like me, it’s FOOD.  It’s one of the few places I can control spending.  I have no control over the mortgage payment once I’ve worked hard to let my credit establish my payment for the next 30 years.  But I can control whether we eat ramen or steak.  Seems a shame somehow that food would be the place where the hard decisions are made.

In other small victories, I got a refund back from the advanced dentist who took out my wisdom teeth.  He did a superior job and my experience was nothing like the horror stories I had been told.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail last week and saw a check for slightly over $100 as a refund for that procedure.  Whoo-hoo, straight to savings!  Seems I’d overpaid.  Thing is…I overpaid in May, 2010.

So yeah, the office has just now issued me a refund nearly two years later.  This is infuriating on some level.  I recognize how lucky I am to even have insurance in the first place, so I’m tempering my irritation with that knowledge.  But come on, people.  That amount of money puts groceries in my house for a good week.  A lot of groceries!  It pays my gas bill!  Why in the flying feck does it take an office or an insurance company nearly two years to figure out they’ve overcharged me?!  Would they accept the same behavior from me by not allowing me to pay them $100 I owed for two years?  I think not.

Gah!   **Walks away muttering “small victories” under her breath…


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