Money $aving Monday: Crockpots!


I ❤ my crockpot.  It’s not very costly, especially if you look for one around Christmas time.  I think I’ve paid around $20 – 25 for mine.  The beauty of the crockpot is that you can throw your ingredients into it, set the timer, dash out the door and walk home to wonderful smells as it has done all the work for you while you’ve been out slaving over something else.

I especially enjoy roasts in this way or stews.  Throw a bit of broth or water in with it to help things stay moist.  Chickens go well in the crockpot also, but you have to watch out that you don’t dry the meat out completely.

The only problem I find with the crockpot is that it creates a lot of leftovers, and I’m terrible with reusing leftovers.  This is a budget hypocrisy I’m addressing this month as well.  But over all, how can you beat cheap, quick, and easy?


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