Dr. Checkup and a Budget Glamorous Treat


So I’m off to see the doctor today to determine if I’m healing properly from my procedure back in December.  Recovery was a little rougher than I expected, so I’m not keen on getting prodded again, even if it is for observation purposes.  Gah.

I’m consoling myself by buying fresh flowers from a local florist afterward.

I love, love, love flowers.  Wild ones, supermarket ones, fancy-pants ones, I don’t care.  I love them all.  But indulging in them can get expensive (unless we’re talking about Aldi’s $4/6 rose bouquets and then THAT is totally doable!).  But a handful of interesting flowers really livens up the place.  I usually separate my bouquets into only a couple of stems per room so I can make the flowers go further.  It always brightens me up to see them when I walk through the house.  When I have fresh flowers in the house, I feel “rich” in so many ways.

In order to afford them, however, I turn again to the little $30 coupon book I bought to help out a nonprofit that spays and neuters cats.  The book has deep discounts on local restaurants and businesses, many of which are some of my favorite places!  There is a nice florist in the book that offers 50% off a cut flower bouquet (only up to a $10 value).  So I’m going to pop in after the dreaded doctor’s appointment and see what sort of cut arrangement I can pick up for about $20.  Since I have a bit of change to spare, I may look into what tasty lunch offerings are in the area at a deep discount as well!


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