My January Financial Challenge


Seeing as I discovered in a previous post that I’m costing myself around $162 – 268 per month in wasted lunches and coffees out at school as well as not taking the bus to and from work where possible, my January challenge to myself is to try this for a month and see if I can maintain it.

The money I save i’ll throw on my credit card payment, which will enable me to more or less double February’s payment.  That’s great motivation.  I have many financial goals and dreams, but I have recently learned that the best motivation is considering what one thing out of all those desires keeps me up at night and focusing on that thing.  And while I have several goals that press in on me, the one that keeps me up and night and makes me furious is that damn credit card bill.  I hate that I’m back in credit card debt, after having gotten rid of it completely.  I hate that I have to find all this cash not for fun stuff or for security but to enrich some other business.  I will breathe a little easier when that debt is dead, dead dead!

The coffee part of this challenge is ridiculously easy.  Make coffee, fill thermos, head out.  If I can’t do this, it’s because I’m horridly lazy.

The lunch part is really just as easy — it just requires a change of behavior in the morning that isn’t all that hard to do.  I just have to know up front what I want to pack for lunch, pack the damn thing, and take it.  Since I like peanut butter sandwiches and wraps, this shouldn’t be complicated to do.  It just requires making brown bagging an expected part of the morning.  Maybe I can make the sandwiches while the coffee is brewing for the thermos.

The bus route involves being more aware of time.  Instead of running out the door whenever I please with the car, I’ll need to manage when I’m being picked up by the bus and when I have to leave the office to walk a few blocks down to catch the bus for home.  Just a matter of time management and walking my lazy patootie down the street a few blocks.

There will likely be days where I’ll need to take the car for business off campus, like doctor’s appointments and what not.  But this month’s goal is not only to help find money to pay of that damnable card, but to also pick up some budget savvy habits along the way!

Wish me luck!  Any new habits you’re seeking to get into?


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