I have gotten many compliments on this bookcase,which was custom made especially for me! (Sorry about the sideways pictures — I cannot get wordpress to save it as a flipped image instead of a cock-eyed one!)

The bookcase was made inside the house using a chop saw and a balsawood model first. Then it was sanded and painted a lovely green color that matches my table.

I immediately stuffed it full, obviously, but some of that clutter will go away when I finally get to open my new Kindle for Christmas!! 😀

Project Total: about $150 in lumber, putty and paint (labor was “free”).  Try finding something comparable at Pier 1 and see what that price would be like!


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  1. That’s very pretty! Awesome price, too.

    LOL! Academics and our books…. In this house, every darned room has bookcases, which I’ve come to think of as dust-catchers. Recently I’ve thought I should get rid of most of them (do I really need my freshman microbiology texts?). But then I think the walls would look awfully empty without them.

    The thing is, as a pre-Google writer & editor, I used my library practically every day. It actually was a working library, a giant celing-to-floor reference work. Today, the books and shelves just collect dust. I can find the answer to virtually every question and check virtually every fact online. It’s a rare day that I need a hard-copy reference to do my work.

    Wonder how many works of art I could put on those walls for what I could get if I sold all this stuff on Amazon…?

  2. A giant working library from floor to ceiling revs up too many academic fantasies of mine for me to contemplate it for very long! LOL! I still have my freshman Calc and Chemistry books as well as all the foreign language and Econ books as well! Why hang onto them??? Who knows, but I cannot bear to part with them.

    We’re working on a book nook now. I’m really hoping it turns out as wonderful as I suspect it will. I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas, and I’m curious as to a) how much I’ll actually use it and b) whether it’ll truly reduce the number of books I keep/bring into the house!

    • My bookish ex filled the house with bookcases chuckablock full of books. His new wife made him move the science-fiction collection into a closet so she could move her daughter into the room sci-fi room, and he was the most untechie man I’ve ever known.

      However, my son reports that he’s now so in love with the Kindle that he won’t buy hard-copy books at all! Apparently he’s building an equally gigantic virtual library! 😀

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