Money $aving Monday — Thermos!


Today’s Money Saving Monday involves my coffee thermos!  Yes, I realize that might be an old trick for you experienced glamorous budgetfolk.  But for me, it’s a recent revelation.

I love coffee.  I drink it all the time.  It starts my day and I start class with one in hand.  It marks my weekend relaxation.  One student got me a Starbucks card as an end of semester gift.  She was obviously one of the smart ones….

I’m even pretty cheap about getting coffee out.  There is a little place on the corner of campus that makes a big ol’ cup of good, black coffee for $1.75.  I don’t have a $4+ latte habit.  I’m a black coffee girl all the way — helps me face the realities of life.  Still, though, five of those throughout the week ends up being just under $9 a week.  And that’s if you’re only having one.  Sometimes I have two.  And I really shouldn’t, but sometimes I also have three, if I’m in a stretch of particularly arduous conferences with students.  Nearly $40 a month at the minimum just in coffee makes me choke a little, and it’s not because I like my coffee black!  I’d like my finances to be in the black as well.

I see my morning cuppa, though, as some sort of concession to living so budget glam.  It’s only $1.75 and it makes me feel good to get to order something out.  Still, $40 a month could be going into a travel fund!  $40 during a nine month period is $360 — over half the cost of a $600 plane ticket to Nicaragua where one can sample as much coffee as one wants! Or put another way, very nearly 25% of the total cost of staying in Nicaragua for 2 weeks drinking coffee and pondering volcanoes!  Surely that’s motivation enough to change one’s ways?

So recently I purchased a medium sized stainless steel Stanley travel thermos.  I’m testing it this week to see if I can keep taking good, hot coffee from home and stop spending excess money on it.  I’m also packing my lunch tomorrow — which is a lot better than either buying it out or skipping it, as I do far too often.  Let’s see how it goes!  Not sure how glamorous the army green coloring is — but is sure is budget.  Now to make sure I drop $1.75 into a jar for every day of the work week I bring my thermos and save for that budget glamorous trip to Nicaragua…

What’s your Money $aving discovery?


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