A Tasty Lunch


I’ve discovered a delightful way of sprucing up a simple pasta-and-tomato-sauce lunch.  I simply saute a few cloves of minced garlic and some diced artichoke hearts in the pan first, then I add the sauce for a few minutes until it thickens just a tad.  Doesn’t take much time, but tossed with pasta, it makes a tremendous difference in taste!  

I discovered I had artichoke hearts to use because the fridge was recently cleaned out and reorganized.  Who knew one person could collect that many chicken stock boxes in one place?!  Knowing what I had helped me take a simple lunch to something much, much tastier.

I keep a jar of artichoke hearts in my pantry, which I’m building slowly but surely.  The pantry has been a budget lifesaver on more than one occasion!  I’m just not very good at building one yet.  But we’re getting there!  What simple sprucing up have you done to a meal?


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